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Hector and Melinda Dueck


We started out as a hobby business making console tables, small furniture, and going to trade shows. We grew year after year until we finally decided to build a shop for woodworking. Then in 2020, just as we were building our shop, the world got flipped upside down and there was no pine to buy in Manitoba. We got desperate for pine and started calling every business from BC to Ontario because we needed to finish our sold projects. Thankfully, we secured a supplier that could sell us high quality pine, but we had to buy a semi-trailer of it. This helped us to change the way we were running our business and with the realization that we couldn't unload a semi we started looking for a used forklift. Melinda had this crazy idea of selling the lumber, which I (Hector) thought was ridiculous. Why would we sell lumber? Melinda was so frustrated with the prices we were paying and the fact there was no pine she decided that we were going to sell some so that other people could benefit from this opportunity. The lumber side of the business outgrew our custom woodworking so fast that we had to pivot and stop making custom furniture. So as of today, we are constantly changing and growing as we continue to step forward in this adventure. We now specialize in tongue and groove pine, shiplap pine, and a variety of hardwoods.

Thank you to all of you who helped us get here, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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