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Are you a small cabinet shop or furniture builder?

If so, we have just started to source top quality plywood.

We will be adding more products with time so please contact us if you need a price on specialty plywood.

Please contact us for current pricing and availability. Prices are current for Nov 10, 2023

1/2" 4x8 Birch plywood, G2S $49/sheet

3/4" 4x8 Birch plywood, G2S $71.99/sheet

3/4" 4x8 Prefinished Birch plywood, G2S $89.99/sheet

Prefinished with UV-Resistant and Anti-Microbial clear coat

3/4" 4x8 Red Oak Plain Sliced, G2S $96/sheet

We can source a variety of plywood: Walnut plywood, Cherry plywood, Maple plywood, Hickory plywood, Melamine, Veneer core, Particle core, utility grade plywood, cabinet grade plywood. Let us know how we can help you get what the plywood you're looking for.

Prices subject to change without notice. 

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